Your Personal Manager

When it comes to managing a project our flexibility allows you to maintain efficiency by adding just the right level of support, this way your team can run the day-to-day business and oversee the project but not have to lead it. Your Personal Manager not only manages your project but we also set it up, execute and supervise while you and your team maintain ownership. You'll want to call us when you're working on:

    ~    Marketing campaigns

    ~    Advertising projects

    ~    Product launches

    ~    Lead generations

    ~    Sponsorship programs

    ~    Individual branding strategies

Your Personal Planner

Once your plan is complete your going to want to take action immediately. Your Personal Planner executes your projects with all of the resources you’d expect from a larger agency, but with a small agency’s personal touch. As traffickers, we organize, streamline and elaborate your ideas into realization. From concept to execution, we'll arrange everything so that you and your team can focus on what you do best. You'll want to call us when you're planning:

    ~    Marcom materials
    ~    Promotional gifts
    ~    Corporate events
    ~    Conferences & Conventions
    ~    Group Incentive travel
    ~    Corporate Hospitality

    ~    Public Relations

Your Personal Agent

​Bringing your product to market seems easier than it actually is. Your Personal Agent not only sets up all of your promotional and sales activities, we execute them as well. As the creator of your incredible product, it’s important that you stay focused on perfecting it and not have to worry about representing it on the market.  We’ll do that for you! You’ll want to contact us if you need help with:​


   ~   Marketing & PR

   ~   Business development

   ~   Sales & Promotions

   ~   Market research

   ~   Branding