​Jan & Nina

Want to know whom you’re dealing with? Read our bio’s below! We are two self-made professionals eager to help when and where we can. No project is too challenging for us, so whatever is on your mind feel free to call us. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you on how to manage, plan or sell your idea!


Jan Meeuwissen has been running his own company successfully since 2004 and now continues his entrepreneurial career with Your Personal Manager together with Nina. He enjoys the beautiful things in life and strives for perfection in every endeavour he takes on both professionally and personally. After completing a Masters degree in Art Policy, Jan started his career in the music industry where he organized projects in Amsterdam, London and Antwerp. Since then he has focused his career on the management of several projects for the likes of Ballast Nedam, Levi's, BNN and a variety of global advertising agencies.

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Nina Schein moved from New York to Amsterdam in 2003. Leaving the Big Apple sounds like a strange move, but she knew that Europe had a lot to offer when it comes to doing business. With her American mentality, strong sales background and her ear to ear smile Nina quickly established an international and prosperous professional career. Her international experience combined with a Bachelors degree in Social Science is a perfect match with Jan's organizational talent. Nina knows how to run her life and business seamlessly and loves to help people and organizations with achieving the same thing.

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Office buildings are a thing of the past! We work wherever we want to work, wherever and whenever work needs to be done. We use our home as our base for our work, our mail and our meetings. You are more than welcome to visit us if you are in town. We serve the best espresso in this city and are eager to share! In addition to hospitality, you can also enjoy the fabulous view of Amsterdam while discussing business. 

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